Our mission:

Superior business performance by integrated automation

Our vision:

We build a bridge for sensor data to the boardroom for maximum operational business productivity.

What you can expect from us?

Hunger for expertise

Industrial automation tools, software and hardware are constantly evolving. As a customer, you expect us to be one step ahead. The management and employees of Intation all have a passion for new solutions. We find them online, with our partners and through continuous training. This knowledge helps us to achieve efficient, integrated automation projects.

Our hunger for expertise is also at the heart of the innovative projects we are investing in. Those who do not invest in the future today will lag behind tomorrow. One of these innovative projects is the Hycoware project in collaboration with Egemin and Aucxis and supported by iMinds (Flanders’ digital research centre and incubator).

Consistent focus on customer and project knowledge

Industrial automation is a tool. Your real target is superior business performance: more reliability, efficient processes, reduced maintenance costs, efficient use of operators’ and technicians’ time, … We want to know how you implement this in your situation, the exact criteria you will use when evaluating our cooperation in the future. A better understanding of what you really expect from the shop floor to the boardroom allows us to meet your demands in the best possible way.

Strong project management

Whether you are building a new plant or production line or redesigning an existing production line, time is always a critical success factor. That is why strong project management is such a priority to us, particularly in terms of our own contribution to your automation project. If you lack the resources, channels and expertise to purchase, follow up and manage all the pieces of your project puzzle, you can rely on Intation as a one-stop shop.

Intation in figures

  • Founded 2010
  • Average annual growth of 20%
  • Costumer satisfaction of 93%
  • Offices in Belgium and the Netherlands

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