Ask for a free installation of our demo software

You want to build a strong business case? If you like, we’ll install our demo software. That way you can evaluate our software at work and discover the benefits for you.

What software can I test?

InControl: Monitoring and managing bypasses

The software demo allows you to get acquainted with the dashboard’s intuitive user interface and the various options for reporting bypasses, owners and upcoming maintenance and repairs.

Works with:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10 (other versions on demand)
  • A direct OPC-connection with your DCS or PLC system

InWave, for an optimal management of your industrial WSN (wireless sensor network)

Inwave is a solution for companies aiming to maximise the uptime of their wireless sensor network based on WirelessHart and ISA100 in a user-friendly way. InWave comes in 3 versions. We can install demo software for InWave “Monitor” and InWave “Analyze”.

Works with:

  • All Windows versions supported by Microsoft
  • All modern screens

InDocumentation: Automatically monitor and document your automation system

InDocumentation is the perfect doumentation tool for demanding production environments that require minimal downtime.

  • Saves time by automating periodic monitoring
  • Simplifies your reporting by automatically creating a clear report
  • Avoids errors in internal communication by sending the report to the right people automatically

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