InWave: the tool for an optimal WSN in a multi-vendor environment

Intation developed Inwave as a solution for companies aiming to maximise the uptime of their wireless sensor network in a user-friendly way. The Inwave tool improves reliability, because it allows you to discover the cause of problems faster and avoid problems with proactive maintenance. Inwave is available in 3 variaties.

What is InWave?

InWave “Monitor”

An efficient tool for your technical and maintenance staff.

Inwave “Monitor” monitors, logs and visualises the performance of a wireless sensor network (WSN) and takes an image of your network at a specific time.

InWave “Analyze”

Inwave “Analyze” builds on “Monitor”:

  • Notifies your team when maintenance is due (battery replacement, for example)
  • Provides an initial diagnosis in case of problems
  • Includes trending functionalities

InWave “Plant Model”

At the moment, you use theory and best practices to decide where and how to install a sensor in a wireless sensor network based on WirelessHart or ISA100. The development of the Inwave Plant Model gives you access to live data that allows you to predict a WSN’s behaviour at the design stage already. This means that you can plan, design and optimise your network before actually installing it. This will reduce the installation time and ensure your WSN’s reliability right from the start.

Want to know what InWave would mean to your production environment?