Your ambition? Maximum business performance.
Our expertise? Industrial automation.





Independent solutions and software for automation systems and wireless sensor networks


Control the evolution of your plant by integrating the right technologies.


Monitoring and control of new or existing DCS, PLC and wireless systems.


Next generation technologies, an added value for the future.

What Intation helps you achieve

Continuity in production processes

Industrial automation helps maximise your business performance. Our well-considered solutions avoid the unscheduled shutdown of your production.

Savings in monitoring and control

To help you meet stricter monitoring and control requirements and keep your budget for this under control, Intation offers current solutions and contributes to your bottom line.

Meeting quality and safety requirements

Intation is VCA certified, works according to the GAMP model (pharmaceuticals) and follows the ISO steps for good quality management to ensure your quality and safety are never compromised.

Satisfied operators and engineers

Intation develops solutions with the end user in mind. We make the work of your staff easier with mobile applications, user-friendly screens and visualisation techniques.

Carefree business-critical projects

We manage all the pieces of the puzzle to make all project elements come together in the right place at the right time.

Far-reaching solutions through innovation

We plan time for Research & Development. It is the only way we can continue to provide state-of-the-art solutions in industrial automation.

Our partners

Partner in innovative projects

Interested in efficient storage room and warehouse management with automated handling using connected transportation systems, tagged products, trolleys and employees? At Intation, the storage and warehouse management of the future starts today. We participate in HYCOWARE in collaboration with Egemin Automation and Aucxis and with the support of Flemish digital research centre iMinds.