Bypasses & critical parameters finally controlled?


  • Can we manage bypasses and critical parameters in our control system?
  • Does InControl createvalue  for my organization?


  • What features and functionalities does InControl provide?
  • Can I get a clear description of these functionalities?


  • What different solutions and features does the licenses contain?
  • Can we start with a small project before implementing all features?

What VALUE can we create for you?

Bypasses and other critical parameters can prevent production downtime at the slightest disturbance, but they also present a risk because the process is not working as designed. As part of your quality and safety management,  you can consistently keep data on each bypass and critical parameter.


  • Follow and track the procedures independent from the process or activities.
  • Live confirmation and verification of your requested bypasses and critical parameters.

  • Eliminating faults, more information on the request, additional freedom in your overhead control and increasing your reliabillity.


  • Detect every bypass and analyze all the required data or perform advanced analytics through the export function.


  • Detect improvements for your automation system, possible risk points and take action!


  • Create minimal overhead (waste), measure your perfomance and focus on lean operations and your company goals.


  • Use your own procedures, templates and existing infrastructure and apply it on different automation systems.


  • Stay up to date with latest security updates, features and custom integration for your site.
  • Minimal impact on change management


  • Conform international guideline IEC61511.

Explore all the unique FEATURES


  • Web based and mobile compatible
  • Request parameters, bypasses and groups (with attachments)
  • Details & timeline for every requested or unrequested parameter 
  • Create your own specific site structure


  • Workflows (e.g. SIL0, SIL1, simulation,…)
  • Customizable: Trigger, Description, Value
  • Approvals based on roles
  • Modern notifications 


  • Seperate interface for approvals
  • Default motivations for approval
  • Quickly view attachments
  • View timeline that
    comes with the bypass


  • Connect to any OPC source to get real time parameter monitoring
  • Offline: You can also add hardware overrides
  • Descriptions directly from your OPC source
  • Control over detection and approval times conform IEC61511


  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Auto discover based on smart patern matching
  • Add with a few clicks


  • Requirements for higher level bypasses based on international standard IEC61511
  • Depending on the configured workflow
  • Standardized for advanced analytics


  • Avoid multiple repetitive request
  • Standardize specific situations
  • Specific approval for using groups


  • Requested bypasses
  • Unrequested bypasses
  • Reasons
  • Timeline of individual bypasses
  • Day and workflow analytics


  • One dashboard for different control systems
  • Can connect to multiple OPC servers
  • Optional dataconnections can be made available on request


  • Operator, Chief, Manager, Adminstrator
  • Can be integrated in your domain
  • Roles are used for approvals and notifications


  • Configurable notifications for different roles
  • Email approval and alert
  • Smartphone app available 
  • Windows notification ready


  • Full event and datalogging for
    advanced user analytics
  • System and audit events
  • Connectvity to other systems

Find the the right LICENSE for you

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