Your Industrial Control System ready for the future?


  • Do you need site-support or system advice?
  • Do you want to outsource your automation project?


  • Do you want to connect your automation to your IT infrastructure?
  • Do you want a software developer who knows what automation means?


  • Do you want to assess the current state of the cybersecurity of your plant?
  • Do you want to define goals to improve your cybersecurity?

What automation services do you require?

Automation project

Intation has expertise in these modern integrated industrial control systems:

On-site support and system advice

Since 2010, Intation has succesfully completed different kinds of automation projects, migrations and integrations of different kind of technologies. As an active partner within the different domains of industrial automation and IT, Intation is a flexible and mixed team. As a result, we can deliver site support for your industrial automation or IT projects,  and can advise you on your system selection.

What would you like to develop?

Modern use of technologies

We develop with a predifined stack. This stack allows us to make sure we provide solutions that have long industry support and provide compatibility among different devices and environments.

  • ASP.NET core 2.0,
  • .NET Standard 2.0,
  • EntityFramework Core
  • Azure DevOps 


    Agile development

    For modern projects we work with an Agile project methodolgy. By doing this we can provide quick results and prototyping while working with a strict budget and manage customer expectations versus flexible design requirements. 

    You want to improve your cybersecurity?


    Cybersecurity for the industry and control systems like IEC62443 demands a different approach than the traditional cybersecurity on the office domain. The office domain grew up with cybersecurity, it is implemented in the heart of the office domain and the people, processes and technology are fully integrated. Cybersecurity in the (process) industry is only now up and coming. The process of integrating cybersecurity in a domain that has run decades without security in mind is a very difficult task. Also, the overall goal of the process domain is availability of the control and safety systems as opposed to the primary goal of confidentiality in the office domain. 


      Intation can help setting up and implementing the process of integrating the people, process and technology to improve cybersecurity on your plant: Setting a baseline through assessments, defining goals and KPI’s and help you getting where you want to be. Unfortunately, there is no ready off-the-shelf solution for industrial cybersecurity, so this must be done through an agile process of continuous improvement where results are achieved rapidly, starting with the ones adding the most value for your business. 

      You want to use our services to support your business?