Next generation technologies, an added value for the future

You can count on us to systematically expand our knowledge and expertise in industrial automation and the integration of different technologies. You reap the benefits. Our investment in new technology results in solutions that may sound futuristic today, but will fill or replace current technologies within the foreseeable future. And at that moment Intation wants to be a reliable partner.

Industry 4.0 & IIoT


Cyber security standards are techniques set to protect the cyber environment of users or a organization. We wadopted techniques to guarantee data security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data in an environment. This environment includes users, networks, devices, all software, processes, information in storage or transit, applications, services, and systems that can be connected directly or indirectly to networks. The primary objective is to reduce the risks, including prevention or mitigation of cyber-attacks.

Mobile Operators & Augmented reality

A step forward towards automation

In today’s situation today, an operator or technician asks for information based on a search query. We investigate the possibilities of Augmented Reality in an industrial environment to ensure that in the future information automatically appears on a screen as soon as the device (smartphone, tablet, smart glasses, …) is directed towards a certain object. The possibilities of this technology are enormous:

  • No more human errors due to incorrect selection
  • All documents (installation, calibration, manual, …) on the central network can be automatically linked to the filmed object
  • Always the right version of documents at hand
  • Savings on staff, 1 person can perform tests in the field as if he is in the control room

One or more persons can watch and decide as if they were in the field themselves

Wireless Hart or ISA100 Wireless Sensor Network

Reliable wireless integration

Many manufacturing companies see the potential of wireless sensor networks – WSN. At the same time, they want to limit the risks associated with the implementation of modern technology. Intation built strong integration and network knowledge to develop effective solutions for industrial wireless sensor networks – WSN in a multivendor environment.

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